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GSEA And State Support For Solar

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 01/22/2010

On the 21st of January, Alden Hathaway from Sterling Planet spoke about the lack of State support for the Solar Industry. Here are some points of interest.

Electric Cars

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 01/16/2010

Check out the new Nissan Leaf. It is a full electric car. The sooner these get on the market, the quicker the technology will improve. It opens a lot of doors for conserving fuel and long term cost.

Improving The Performance Of Your Home

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 01/12/2010

The average home is stated to have a 36 inch diameter hole opening to the outside. Of course, this is not a single big opening but the sum of structural deficiencies throughout the house.

Making A Difference

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 01/09/2010

How can anyone make a difference just by trying to conserve their consumption of energy and water? It wont happen over night and believe it or not, it’s an infectious attitude that’s growing.

The Start Of Solar Energy USA

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 01/08/2010

I have often wondered what I wanted to do when I grow up. Every business that I started was fulfilling at first but over time became just another business.