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Electric Cars

Posted on Saturday, January 16th, 2010 at 1:02 pm by Solar Energy USA

Check out the new Nissan Leaf. It is a full electric car. The sooner these get on the market, the quicker the technology will improve. It opens a lot of doors for conserving fuel and long term cost. I’m not sure on the average cost per mile over the life of the car, but there are many variables. First, how do you power the charging system? If that is through a solar system on the house, that will have a different set of numbers long term than traditional coal burning power.

Technology will someday help us become our own independent power suppliers for our house and cars. Today, with the rood space on an average house, one can expect to suppliment traditional power from solar power by 35% to 60%. In some cases even subsidize their cost even more with some high buy backs from net metering with some power companies.

Keep informed, help people understand what you have learned, learn what you don’t understand and we will make a difference. We all have one of the greatest gifts of all. An opportunity to make a difference and help others and the future for our children.