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Improving The Performance Of Your Home

Posted on Tuesday, January 12th, 2010 at 12:10 pm by Solar Energy USA

The average home is stated to have a 36 inch diameter hole opening to the outside. Of course, this is not a single big opening but the sum of structural deficiencies throughout the house. This comes from inefficient doors and windows to corners of the house in the attic etc. Before you take on adopting solar energy or any type of renewable energy, take a look at you foundation. How can you improve what you have for starters. is a company that will evaluate your house to see how to get started in improving your energy savings. I always recommend that someone do an analysis of their house first. Make those improvements then look to renewable energy solutions to offset their dependency of the power grid.

Adding attic insulation to get you back to or even above code is a good starting point. Replacing windows and doors that are out dated or don’t perform well is another big step. But simple projects like putting an insulating jacket on you water heater and changing out incandescent bulbs to energy efficient ones will make an impact.