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The Start Of Solar Energy USA

Posted on Friday, January 8th, 2010 at 6:28 am by Solar Energy USA

I have often wondered what I wanted to do when I grow up. Every business that I started was fulfilling at first but over time became just another business. It’s not uncommon for someone to wonder, how can I make a great deal of money? Or, I want to be my own boss. That usually is what leads people to try start their own business. However, the best way to create a business that will last and stand the test of time, is to serve a passion that helps serve people and a need. That is different than starting a business around a hobby or a self serving interest. Those usually turn into creating a job for yourself and remain small and dependant on the owners presense. This will carry you through the trials and tribulations of starting and maintaining your business.

The last business I was involved in sold a high quality vinyl replacement window to homeowners at an extremely good price. The replacement of windows in a house can save anywhere from 20% to 40% of the energy consumption of that house from heating and cooling. That made me feel good about the offering, the product and the cause and effect of the business. Window replacement businesses have been around for a long time and the high presure sales approach ahs been the sales tactics for almost the same amount of time. Our business was different but I felt I could do more to create a movement with a newer industry in renewable energy. I knew we could build a national network of people using the brand name Solar Energy USA. The partners I wanted to surround myself with where available and were very excited about the opportunity. So, the solar energy business was set in motion.

Nathan Thompson, a friend of mine, has been in single and multi family home maintenance and improvements on a national scale for more than 10 years. His Chief Operations Officer Jeremy Parrott was a natural fit for systems and the overall corporate development. Jo Franks became an important addition with all the electrical, enegineering and backgound from his previous businesses.Steve Barker with Walker Solar company brings 15 years of solar experience and installation capability for a national effort. Installing commercial and residential solar thermal and phatovoltaic without limitations is imperative for our business.