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Buying Solar Isn't An Impulse Buy

Posted on Monday, March 1st, 2010 at 12:46 am by Solar Energy USA

Before you can determine how solar is beneficial to you, first you may want to have an energy audit. Many solar companies have a pre screening process by sending you through a complex questionnaire. I feel that a company that is really trying to serve the customer should provide an outline to help put you in a better position. First, they should provide an energy audit. Then, they should offer to perform that work or be able to refer it to someone that can is prequalified to do that work.

Some ROI on any of the projects should be tangible in the next couple of bills depending on seasonal trends. If that happens then I would be willing to buy a Solar Thermal water heating system or a PV Solar system. I bought a Apricus Solar thermal water heating unit only after I was advised to replace my windows and improve the insulation in my house. Just from that alone I now save 35% of what I was paying on all energy consumed from last year.

Next is the 3KW photovoltaic solar panel system. It will decrease my power bill another 35%. The complete payback on that will be 10 years, but I can add to it and I will be making money off my system.