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Tidal Power in Maine

Posted on Thursday, August 26th, 2010 at 9:42 am by Solar Energy USA

A successful test of tidal power in Maine is being called “the fulfillment of the aborted Quoddy Tides power project championed by Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 1920s.”  A Company called Ocean Renewable Power has tested out a 60kw underwater turbine system that charges the batteries of a 41 foot coast guard search and rescue boat.  The batteries will last for 5 hours.

Now that the test has been deemed a success, the company plans to move forward with a commercially available 150kw system.  Cost for the commercial unit?  Between 6 and 7 million including one time expenses.   At a cost of $6,000,000, 150kw comes out to $40 per watt.

Not exactly as cost effective as solar but, presumably, advances in efficiency can be made  as the technology moves forward.