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Posted on Tuesday, August 10th, 2010 at 10:34 am by Solar Energy USA

I know it’s a ton of information to digest, but if you have a passion for keeping up with the trends in the US Solar Market then click on this link to read this report published by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council.

I will not try to recap the entire report here, but the overwhelming evidence points to the continued growth of solar energy in the United States.  Solar energy, solar power, solar panels, solar thermal water heating, solar pool heating, solar battery back-up system, on-grid solar, off-grid solar……..whatever the segment of renewable energy, they all continue to increase year after years.  New states are adding incentives and tax credits for solar energy and more utility providers are educating themselves on solar power and how to intrigrade it’s distribution into their grids.  The future looks bright and it’s going to be powered with solar energy.