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New York Jets Boast Largest Solar Array in NFL

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 09/28/2010

The New York Jets may not win the Superbowl but they are #1 in something. The Jets have installed a [...]

California To Get A Third Of Power From Renewables by 2020

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 09/24/2010

New regulation was approved yesterday in California that requires utilities to draw one third of their power from renewable sources [...]

Don't Like Long Non-Stop Flights? Try 5 Years!

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 09/20/2010

Boeing is building a solar powered spy plane for the US military that can fly non-stop for 5 years. That [...]

Powering Up Your Electric Vehicle with PV

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 09/16/2010

Here is a great article from about Steve Heckeroth, an electric vehicle pioneer who has been recharging his vehicle [...]

World's Largest Solar Plant Approved in California

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 09/15/2010

What would be the world’s largest solar power plant has been approved for development in California.  The 1,000 MW project [...]

Regenerative Solar

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 09/08/2010

Here is a great post on the New York Times Green Blog. Researchers have created solar cells that mimic the [...]