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Powering Up Your Electric Vehicle with PV

Posted on Thursday, September 16th, 2010 at 1:07 pm by Solar Energy USA

Here is a great article from about Steve Heckeroth, an electric vehicle pioneer who has been recharging his vehicle with solar for almost 20 years.

Steve has never been stranded by a dead battery and, based on his experience, says that a 1kw system will allow someone to drive 25 miles a day for 25 years.

Let’s work out the cost per mile on that.  In the state of Georgia, the after credits costs is going to be somewhere around $2,000 per kilowatt.  25 miles per day X 365 days a years X 25 years equals 228,125 miles driven.

So, $2,000 in fuel costs for 228,125 miles driven is the equivalent of 8/10′s of a cent per mile!

The average cost of gas in Georgia today is $2.61.   The average miles per gallon a car gets in the US is somehwere around 23 miles.  Now, let’s pretend that gas prices stay the same for the next 25 years (yeah, right!; average cost per gallon 1985 – $1.20).   The cost to drive a gas powered car the same distance over the next 25 years would be $25,887!

If gas prices follow the same trajectory as the last 25 years, your cost to drive the gas car would be $41,096.

So, why not lock in 20 cents a gallon for the next 25+ years?