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By The Numbers…..Why Renewble Energy is Essential

Posted on Thursday, October 7th, 2010 at 1:26 pm by Solar Energy USA

Denmark - 20% power from wind

Iceland -  90% geothermal

China has over 28 million residences that rely on solar thermal for water heating

The US has reduced its soil erosion by 40% in 25 years by conservation tilling

Brazil has reduced its car traffic by 305 while experiencing double population growth

Germany produces 4% power from solar.

 In 1900 the world produced 150 million barrels of oil, by 2000 it was 28 billion

US oil imports 60% of its oil.

88% of the work force travels or commutes

 Petroleum geologist state that we have discovered 95% of available oil on this planet.

We have harvested 1 trillion barrels of the 2 trillion barrels available to date. This took less than a  150 years for the 1st 1 trillion. Trend suggest that we have less than 50 years to exhaust available oil.

 43% of CO2 comes from Coal, 38% comes from Oil and 19% comes from natural gas.

In 2008, we produce 7.9 billion tons of carbon into the atmosphere. The earth can only absorb and filter so much.

The energy revolutions that are among us now are the century old lighting technology being replaced by CF and LED.