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Death Of The T12 Light Fixture Signals Birth Of T5

Posted on Monday, April 25th, 2011 at 10:29 am by Solar Energy USA

Change is coming. The Department of Energy Ballast Ruling dating from 2005 (the Energy Policy Act of 2005 to be specific), scheduled July 1, 2010, as the day the manufacturing and importing of T12 type light bulbs, ballasts, and fixtures was crucified. But have no fear – a savior is coming that goes by the name of T5.

The DOE prohibited the sale of T12 magnetic ballasts as the final phase of a multistage process to make American buildings more energy efficient. In March 2006 the bill phased-out the ability to incorporate T12s into new light fixtures. Though still in widespread use, T12 magnetic ballasts were banned because of their poor rank in terms of energy efficiency. With newer electronic ballasts, both more readily available as well as more efficient, making the switch should be relatively painless, though outdated T12 technology still comprises more than one-third of fluorescent light bulbs sold today.

Retrofitting T12 fixtures to newer, more energy efficient options is a cost effective solution that results in 50-75% energy cost savings, reduced maintenance, and a promotion of sustainable, environmentally minded conservation. Solar Energy USA, with multiple offices across the nation, addresses this sweeping change by offering many unique solutions to convert existing T12 fixtures into super efficient T5 fixtures.

When upgrading to T5 technology, users can expect improved lighting quality which translates into improved worker output, lower work-related errors, increased retail sales, improved safety and security, AND better ambiance and aesthetics.

As part of the effort to improve America’s energy infrastructure, modern objectives by the DOE have been set to remove the least efficient light bulbs, ballasts, and fixtures from the market. Energy efficiency standards by the DOE will lead to the phase out of most T12 lamp models by June 30, 2012.

Solar Energy USA is an accumulation of engineers, project development leaders, operation officers and solution managers that have all been drawn together to form an entity that has the technical, practical and customer centric expertise to meet the vast needs of both our commercial and residential clients. Commercially, Solar Energy USA has partnered with a manufacture that offers T-5 retrofits without having to change out the fixture or the ballast.  Solar Energy USA is now one of the largest suppliers and retailers of the T5 retrofit adapters in the United States.