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Today We Opened Our Power Bill With A Smile

Posted on Tuesday, June 21st, 2011 at 3:44 pm by Solar Energy USA

Today we opened our power bill with a smile! As you will see from the image of our most recent power bill below, we have been producing more power than we  have been consuming since March. And also since March our utility provider has been paying us for the excess solar energy our solar powered roof has been generating (a process known as net metering). We wanted to blog about this example to show that yes, it IS possible for the power company to pay YOU for power! In our most recent case we were paid 10.25 cents for every kWh we sent back into the grid.

Our most recent power bill

So as the months continue to get hotter and hotter and it seems like you are running your a/c nonstop to keep your home or business cool don’t fret about the power bill that is coming for you in the mail. You, too, can go solar on your home or business! And we would love to help.

The Solar Energy USA office

We installed a total of 158 solar panels on top of our office for a total of 32.45kW worth of power capacity on the roof. We started out with 54 235 watt panels (12.69kW) and then added an extra 104 190 watt panels (19.76kW). We were able to expand the system and add more panels very easily because we use microinverter technology, but that is a topic for a whole other blog post!