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Upscale Georgia Country Club Homeowner Goes Solar With Solar Energy USA, New Solar Technology

Posted on Tuesday, June 28th, 2011 at 11:52 am by Solar Energy USA

We recently broke ground on a local residential solar installation at the Polo Golf & Country Club in Cumming, Georgia. This particular residential solar project is newsworthy not just because of the brand new solar technology that is involved, but also because we sat down with the country club board members for a brief solar 101 and ended up helping them rewrite the bylaws for their community to allow solar. They contacted us after one of the homeowners in their upscale golf & country club community decided he wanted to add solar panels to his home. They had questions about the steps involved with the installation, the appearance of the panels, and the possibility of maintaining the panels over time. We have installed the most residential solar arrays in Georgia. We were glad to answer all of their questions and to show them how solar adds value to both a home and a community.

Their concerns were completely rational. Many solar companies across Georgia (and the nation) sell cheap, low quality panels. We assured the board members that we sell and install only the best performing solar solutions. In a high-class neighborhood like Polo, much value is placed on maintaining the highest quality architectural appearance. We showed them a number of the solar panel options we offer and we educated them on why certain panels both look nicer and perform better than others.

With this residential solar install we are proud to announce being one of the first solar companies in Georgia to use the brand new M215 microinverter from Enphase Energy. Microinverters are a newer technology that gained popularity within the last five years. A microinverter is located on the back of each individual solar panel and converts the DC electricity that the panel absorbs from the sun into AC power that is used within a home or business. The new M215 microinverter is the best option available because it is able to convert more power from each panel (clipping is said to occur around 225 watts using the M215 compared to 200 watts using older microinverters). Clipping is when a solar panel meets it’s maximum power production capacity. Clipping at a higher wattage level ultimately means more solar power is produced.

Enphase Energy M215 Microinverter Solar Energy USA

Installation photos:

7.05kW Georgia solar panel install