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Georgia home owners push for new solar law after HOA fight

Posted on Wednesday, August 31st, 2011 at 10:50 am by Solar Energy USA

Video: Neighbors push for solar law after HOA fight via WSB Channel 2 News


A battle is brewing between home owners and their HOAs about installing solar panels. Channel 2 news covered the story.

A would-be solar home owner who lives in Duluth, Georgia, Marc Rhodes, wants to install solar panels on the rear of his house. His HOA Board (of which he is a member of) made a “unanimous decision” to not allow him to install solar panels on his home. He was shocked to learn this decision had been made without his vote.

His neighbors have said they do not mind him installing the solar panels, one even said he was “all for home improvements that help the environment.”

Marc Rhodes thinks it is an important issue for the state since it involves the home owner’s ability to save money and take advantage of tax credits that cover 65% of the total cost to install solar panels.

Other Georgia homeowners have encountered the same problem with their HOAs.

Homeowners are working with Georgia state legislators to draft a law that will allow them to make energy efficient improvements to their homes, including installing solar panels, regardless of what the HOA says.