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Georgia Homeowner Wants HOA To Allow Solar

Posted on Sunday, August 14th, 2011 at 1:13 pm by Solar Energy USA

Source: CBS Atlanta News: Duluth man has tough questions for his H.O.A. over solar panels.

A Duluth man has tough questions for his homeowners association.

He says he’s just trying to do the right thing by putting solar panels on his home to save energy, but his H.O.A. is blocking him.

“Their estimate was for 27 panels so it would make three rows of nine,” said Marc Rhodes.

Rhodes planned to cover the south facing roof of his home with solar panels, but his H.O.A. said no way.

“Our country is saying we need renewable energy and what not,” said Rhodes. “It’s being stopped right here in neighborhoods around the country.”

Rhodes believes harnessing the energy of the sun is the wave of the future.

But in a rejection letter, the Architectural Control Committee with his H.O.A. said the panels would create glare and visual problems.

“The president of the association wrote to me by email that the board voted unanimously that there were to be no solar panels in our neighborhood,” said Rhodes.

But that’s the problem – Rhodes is actually on the H.O.A. board and he says he wasn’t told about any meeting.

“What does that mean, unanimous?” he questioned. “When I’m on the board and I wasn’t invited to the meeting?”

Since late July, he’s called and emailed everyone he could to get answers, but he says none of the other board members returned his messages.

“After I made this request, everybody went silent on me and I just don’t understand it,” said Rhodes. “It made me not want to drop it. To hear them say, ‘well we decided unanimously so that’s the end of it and you should go away and do something else.’ Well, I wasn’t willing to do that.”

Now Rhodes can’t think of any other way to reach out to his colleagues on the H.O.A. board.

“Maybe they can see me on TV since they won’t take my calls or return my emails,” joked Rhodes.

CBS Atlanta also left messages with the H.O.A. president and the chair of the Architectural Control Committee, but they haven’t returned those phone calls for comment.

As for Rhodes, he hopes lawmakers will step in to keep H.O.A.’s from being overly restrictive when it comes to solar panels.