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Solar News Blitz!

Posted on Monday, September 26th, 2011 at 10:22 pm by Solar Energy USA

WalMart To Add More Solar To California Stores – The 60 newest solar rooftops will make a total of over 130 WalMart stores in California with solar roofs.


Oil Nation To Go Solar – Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest oil exporter, plans to build a massive solar power plant on it’s sun-rich nation. Officials cite increased power usage, desire to be leader in solar energy production.


Huge Solar Farm To Be Built In Florida – 400MW (Mega Watt) solar energy farm project announced in Tallahassee, FL. Project will take 4,000 acres and over 5 years to construct. Georgia and Tennessee were final locations also considered for the solar energy plant.


Wells Fargo Invests In Solar Energy – Since 2006, Well Fargo has invested $2.2 billion in renewable energy projects. The company recently announced plans to finance a 53.5MW solar project in New Mexico.

California Votes To Restore Solar Initiative Rebate Program – California is publicly recognized as having too many projects and not enough money. But it is reassuring to see they found the money for what matters, voting in favor of restoring a$200 million dollar rebate program for solar energy projects.


US DOE Says Solar Can Compete With Oil And Gas – US Energy Sec. Steven Chu states “oil and gas subsidies have been continued for about a hundred years” and says renewable energy is the future. He also noted prevalence of massive subsidies in foreign markets like China and Western Europe as major factor of competitiveness in successful economies.


Solar News Blitz!