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Outlining The Future Of Renewable Energy In North Carolina

Posted on Tuesday, November 29th, 2011 at 11:13 am by Solar Energy USA

Solar Energy USA is making its mark on the clean energy economy of Western North Carolina.

The Asheville, North Carolina office of Solar Energy USA has joined the EvolveEnergy Partnership, an initiative of business and community leaders to support Western North Carolina’s thriving hub of clean energy innovation and industry development.


About The Partnership

Western North Carolina’s clean energy economy (energy efficiency + renewable energy +alternative fuels and vehicle technologies) embodies both challenge and opportunity.

Opportunities include a rapidly growing clean energy business sector, driven in part by federal stimulus funds, and strong educational, workforce development, entrepreneurial, recruitment and social infrastructure. Previous work indicates that the region has a unique opportunity to become a leader in the Southeast and attract greater levels of investment as a hub of clean energy business activity. Evidence of a strong economic cluster of clean energy businesses is emerging in WNC, and is the opportunity addressed by this project.

Challenges include the lack of the following: a unifying vision, cohesive leadership, coordination, a WNC clean energy brand, and a good understanding of the clean energy business cluster in WNC.

The EvolveEnergy Partnership seeks to deliver the innovation, finance, policy and workforce tools needed to support the expansion of existing clean energy businesses and the formation of new ventures. The partnership is building on their unique assets to develop a clean energy cluster with lasting regional and global significance.

About Solar Energy USA of Asheville, NC

Solar Energy USA of Asheville, NC specializes in affordable solar solutions including renewable energy, energy efficiency, and alternative fuel vehicle solutions. Through a diverse product and service offering comprised of innovative, energy efficient T5 lighting, electric vehicle charging stations, and photovoltaic and solar thermal systems, the office looks to bring a fresh perspective to partnership and leave a positive environmental footprint on the Western North Carolina clean energy economy.