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US Military Makes BIG Solar Power Push

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 03/30/2012

The US Army wants to power 25 percent of it’s operation with renewables by 2025 and is already implementing solar powered tents in the field…


Chevy To Debut All-Electric ‘Spark’ Car

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 03/26/2012

Chevy could soon be releasing a plug-in all-electric vehicle (EV) to compete with the Nissan Leaf..


Energy Efficiency: The Low Hanging Fruit

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 03/26/2012

Studies have shown that it is easier and more cost-effective to first reduce power consumption and then to produce power through solar or other RE systems…


Chamber Of Commerce Networking Event At Solar Energy USA

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 03/12/2012

Please join us as we host the Cumming-Forsyth County Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours networking event at our facility in Alpharetta, Georgia…


Ellijay, North Georgia Home Of New 220 Panel Solar Energy System

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 03/12/2012

North Georgia is home to another large commercial solar energy installation with the recent completion of a 52.80kW solar array atop the Blue Ridge Mountain Woodcrafts…


Proposed Amendment Would Extend 1603 Treasury Program, Encourage More Solar

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 03/08/2012

The 1603 Treasury Program has trickle-down effects that ultimately decrease the cost of solar…

Marietta, Georgia Homeowner Powers Cars With Solar Panels

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 03/05/2012

“Enjoyed working with the folks at Solar Energy USA. Had them install a solar tracking system in the Fall of 2011 and then a fixed mounted solar system…


Solar News Blitz!

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 03/05/2012

This week’s solar news blitz includes news on a Mars (makers of M&Ms) solar install, a new Audi EV, commercial solar news in North Georgia…


EV Battery Manufacturer Announces More Affordable 300-Mile Battery Pack

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 03/01/2012

A California electric vehicle battery manufacturer is producing a 300-mile battery pack that will cost half as much as current EV battery technology…