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Energy Efficiency: The Low Hanging Fruit

Posted on Monday, March 26th, 2012 at 9:38 pm by Solar Energy USA

Solar installations are a great way for someone to proclaim loud and clear their environmental commitment to the world. Solar panels on the roof are “sexy” and eye-catching. Businesses like to be identified as “green”, and many individuals would consider a solar system on their house to be a status symbol. But studies have shown that solar and other renewable energy projects are not the most efficient approach to achieving sustainability – it is easier and more cost-effective to first reduce power consumption and then to produce power through solar or other RE systems.


In Asheville, North Carolina, the Blue Ridge Sustainability Institute recently completed their Green Restaurant Initiative, where they coupled lighting retrofits with solar installations to achieve significant reductions in energy usage while having a positive impact on the environment. When comparing the impact of their improvements, it was shown that a lighting retrofit was six times more effective as a solar installation in reducing CO2 emissions. If all potential rebates and tax incentives are taken into account, a lighting retrofit is still three times more effective at reducing CO2 emissions.

So, the first step in making a comprehensive effort to reduce your carbon footprint is to focus on energy consumption. After you have changed your light bulbs and tightened up your structure, your solar installation will be even more effective as a vehicle to reduce the use of fossil fuels and slow the progression of climate change.

t8-convert-to-t5-fluorescent-lamp-bracketSolar Energy USA is one of four companies in the nation that offers an energy efficient lighting solution via the T5 retrofit adapter. Changing T12 lighting to T5 technology will save as much as 79% on lighting costs, and changing to T5 technology will in almost every case qualify for utility rebates and tax incentives that help a lighting retrofit pay for its self in 8 to 16 months.

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