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Driving Cost Comparison: Electric Cars vs. Gasoline Cars

Posted on Friday, April 6th, 2012 at 11:46 am by Solar Energy USA

As the cost of a gallon of gasoline approaches over $4 dollars, many Americans are looking for ways to save money via other forms of transportation and efficiency. Electric Vehicles (EVs) are available from a number of major automotive manufacturers and have a very unique characteristic which allows them to be driven without a single drop of gasoline – using only electricity stored in batteries. EVs can then be plugged-in to recharge or “refuel” these batteries once the range has been exhausted.


At Solar Energy USA we see a harmony with EVs and solar power. A rooftop solar array can be installed on your home to provide you with needed energy within the home and can also provide free fuel from the sun which can be used to power an electric or other plug-in vehicle.

Just how much money can you save by driving a solar powered car? See our analysis below:




It costs $3.89 for 1 gallon of gas in a 40 MPG car compared to $1.50 to drive 40 miles in our Chevy Volt ($2.39 dollar savings every 40 miles). Multiply this by hundreds of miles driven each month and the picture is pretty clear – Why pay more and more for gasoline when other, more affordable options are available?

Need a few more reasons to consider switching from a gasoline powered vehicle to an electric vehicle? View the graphic below we came across via Seeking Alpha:


Though there are emissions associated with powering a plug-in vehicle with electricity generated via the local power plant, there are zero emissions associated with powering a plug-in vehicle with electricity generated via solar panels on your roof.


Contact us – We power our company Chevy Volt via the excess solar energy we generate at our office in Alpharetta, Georgia. We have a Level 2 Charging Station located in our parking lot and we will gladly let you refuel your plug-in vehicle with our “solar fuel” for FREE.


Looking for other public charging stations to refuel your EV? Be sure to visit the Department of Energy’s online charging station locator.