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2013 – The Year of Clean Energy Resolutions

Posted on Monday, January 7th, 2013 at 7:13 pm by Solar Energy USA

The beginning of the year brings many New Year resolutions. Exercise more, curse less, buy a new car, find a true love, etc.

These goals are all fine and great, and the decision to simply make and pursue a resolution is wonderful in itself, but we challenge everyone to make a resolution that will have a positive effect on more than just yourself. Make a clean energy resolution and feel great about improving the world around you (and hey, saving money feels pretty good too).

industrial-power-energy-conservation-and-energy-management-systems-commercial-energy-use The United States is currently facing an unprecedented drought (and the new nuclear power plants being built in GA won’t make it any better).

Health issues and increased health costs are rampant (no thanks to traditional dirty power pollutants from coal-fired power plants).

We’ve seen more frequent and more severe natural disasters (see Hurricane Sandy, the Japanese tsunami in Tohoku, etc).

It has been said that renewable energy generation sources like solar power have a triple positive effect:
It is good for the buyer because it saves money and increases the value of the property.
It is good for the seller because of the revenue stream which also keeps the local workforce busy.
And it is good for the planet because renewable power is a truly pollutant-free power source.

Solar Energy USA offers no interest and low interest options on solar panel systems and energy efficient home improvements. Our mission is to help homeowners and businesses understand energy bills and provide guidance on developing a plan to eliminating these bills as much as possible through energy reduction + energy production.

solar-leasing-in-georgia-installing-home-solar-panels We’re even offering a special January solar promotion to encourage homeowners to start the year right by making a clean energy resolution!

We challenge you to make a New Year resolution that affects not just your wallet or waistline but also the others and the world around you. We are here night and day to answer your questions about solar and help you make a clean energy resolution in 2013.