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Plan a Path to Energy Independence in 2013

Posted on Tuesday, January 1st, 2013 at 6:13 pm by Solar Energy USA
save-energy-and-money-at-home-epa-home-air-leaks Plan a path to energy independence in 2013 with energy reduction + energy production services from Solar Energy USA.

Whether it’s adding photovoltaic (PV) solar panels to your home for energy production or improving the efficiency and thermal performance of your house with our Net Zero product line, we’ve got you covered and want to help you use less energy and save more money in 2013.

Home Energy Reductionenergy-star-windows-net-zero-usa

For homeowners with older houses we suggest  first replacing your current windows with our double-pane replacement windows with low-e and argon gas for maximum efficiency. We sell only ENERGY STAR-rated windows with the highest R-value glass available for the best insulation and power bill savings.

spray-foam-home-attic-insulationAnd because traditional fiberglass insulation breaks down and needs to be replaced over time, we also recommend installing spray foam insulation in your attic or crawl space. Our spray foam insulation is applied as a liquid that quickly expands, finding and filling every hole, gap, and all other nooks & crannies, and providing the envelope of your home with an air-tight seal. It also provides little to no vapor permeability, life-saving health benefits, sound control, and structural strength.

Home Energy Reduction + Energy Production

Adding new energy efficient windows in combination with spray foam attic insulation helped a number of our customers cut their home energy costs in half in 2012. From a financial standpoint, energy reduction home efficiency improvements will provide a quicker payback and should be considered in conjunction with an energy production solar panel installation. With more efficient homes, customers can eliminate a power bill (Net Zero) using fewer solar panels than would be required with a drafty, less energy efficient residence. solar-energy-usa-plug-in-chevy-volt_0

For the technologically minded homeowners driving new plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicles, let us show you how solar energy can be a clean, unlimited fuel source. In 2012 we installed a number of PV solar panel systems connected to electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to provide free solar “fuel” to plug-in vehicles like the Chevy Volt or Tesla Model S. These same solar panels will provide the home with power once the EV has been recharged.

2012 brought a number of storms that disrupted power lines in the Northeast and other parts of the US. Our emergency power systems are available with and without backup generators and are designed to provide a home with power to critical household loads, such as refrigeration, lighting, well pumps, medical devices, even an electric stove. They will provide daily power supply via emergency battery storage connected to and recharged by solar panels. With an emergency solar power system in place you can feel peace of mind knowing that whatever the scenario, you and your family will not be left without power.


Commercial Energy Conservation


Our Net Zero USA commercial division wants to help your office, manufacturing facility, or warehouse save money with more efficient lighting and energy management systems.

Net Zero USA innovative, highly efficient T5 lighting adapters can save as much as 79% percent on current lighting costs. The T5 adapter is a perfect solution for converting your outdated T12 fluorescent light fixtures per DOE lighting efficiency mandates.


Our harmonics mitigation and power factor correction energy management systems will clean up the energy coming into your facility and ensure that your business is getting the maximum power with every kilowatt-hour (kWh) burned.

Net Zero USA solar powered street lighting is the future, now, providing worry-free lighting using a solar powered LED. A passive infrared motion sensor detects motion at ground level up to 20 feet away, and energy storage using a high efficiency lithium-ion battery pack means you’ll never be in the dark or pay the utility for power.

Power rates are scheduled to increase again this year. Solar Energy USA and Net Zero USA will conduct an energy assessment at your home or business and help you craft a plan to use less energy, achieve Net Zero, and ultimately save lots of money in 2013. Simply click here to request a consultation on saving energy.