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Spotlight: North Carolina Solar Panel Installations

Posted on Monday, April 1st, 2013 at 8:59 am by Solar Energy USA

According to a recent report from the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), in 2012, the U.S. solar industry installed 3.3 GW of solar capacity, growing 76% over 2011′s total! 2012 was a record year for solar panel installations in a number of states including North Carolina where 131.9MW of solar panels were installed, enough to power 22,000 homes!


In 2013 the great solar state of North Carolina is expected to rank 4th for total solar power installations. North Carolina is a very progressive and solar-friendly state when it comes to incentives and policies for solar energy installations. North Carolina is the first state in the Southeast to adopt a renewable energy standard, calling for 12.5% of its power to come from renewable energy sources, like solar power, by 2021.

North Carolina offers a 35% tax credit for residential renewable energy system purchases including solar installations. The solar tax credit is available for both photovoltaic (PV) solar purchases and solar thermal (see North Carolina Renewable Energy Tax Credit guidelines for more information the solar installation tax credit).

Additionally, many North Carolina power providers offer rebates and incentives encouraging home owners to go solar.

North Carolina Solar Utility Rebate Programs

North Carolina Performance-Based Solar Utility Incentives

As you can see, lots of great programs are available which encourage a solar installation in North Carolina. Our Mooresville, North Carolina solar office has been installing solar energy systems at a record pace. Pictured below are some recent home solar panel installations in North Carolina.

A 4kW home solar panel installation in Morgantown, North Carolina:


A 4kW home solar panel installation in Dallas, North Carolina:


A 4kW home solar panel installation in Stokesdale, North Carolina:


The above pictures showcase solar panels being installed on shingle roofs, but solar panels can also be fixed into the ground and installed on a permanent ground mount when roof orientation is not optimally positioned for maximum solar energy production.

A 3kW home solar panel installation with ground mount in King, North Carolina:


A 3kW home solar panel installation with ground mount in Salisbury, North Carolina:


Interested in a solar panel installation for your North Carolina home? Request a free in-home consultation from Solar Energy USA of Mooresville, NC today!