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Utility Spotlight: GreyStone EMC and Solar Power Rebates

Posted on Friday, April 19th, 2013 at 9:00 am by Solar Energy USA

greystone-power-logo-utility-solar-rebates-blogGuest blog by Rudy Echols – Dept. Manager, GreyStone EMC Residential Energy Services

GreyStone Power Corp. is an Electric Membership Corporation with its corporate office located in Douglasville, Ga. We serve over 103,000 customer/members located in eight counties, with the majority of members located in Douglas, Paulding, South Fulton and Cobb Counties.

GreyStone Power has long encouraged and supported the wise and efficient use of electricity. By using a renewable source of power, such as sunlight, GreyStone members help ensure our energy future by tapping into an infinite power supply.


With GreyStone’s Photovoltaic (PV) Rebate Program, residential and business members can receive a $450 rebate for each kilowatt of capacity installed (up to 10 kW per structure) on qualified photovoltaic systems.  Some of the qualifications include a minimum five-year warranty against breakdown or unusual degradation, installation by a licensed contractor, code compliance, and interconnected to the GreyStone Power distribution system with approved interconnection equipment and devices.  More information can be obtained by visiting Net metering is used for members or businesses with PV systems.  All solar rebates are limited to funds available and are paid after the appliances are installed and inspected/verified by GreyStone Power.

1-panel-solar-thermal-collector-seusa GreyStone members can also benefit from the sun by heating their water through the cooperative’s Solar Water Heating Program, which offer qualified members a $500 rebate.  Today’s solar thermal systems use the most efficient techniques for capturing the sun’s heat with modern plumbing systems to produce inexpensive hot water, reducing the need for gas or electricity.  Members benefit through utility bill savings, and helping reduce dependency on foreign fuels and national resources.  Requirements include OG-300 certification by the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation, contractor to be trained by the proper equipment distributor/manufacturer or the equivalent, have freeze protection, and electric backup with minimum 80 gallon storage capacity. Rebates are limited to current year or when funds are depleted and are paid after the appliances are installed and inspected/verified by GreyStone Power. Request more information by visiting our web site (

We also support renewable energy as an owner of Green Energy EMC, along with 37 other Georgia EMCs. Green Energy adds cleaner, greener energy to our power supply mix. GreyStone members can help our search for cleaner, greener energy in Georgia by supporting the production of a 150 kWh block of green power each month for just $5.00. This Green Power Program is another way to encourage the use of renewable energy for our members.

Does your local utility offer rebates on photovoltaic solar panel systems and/or solar thermal water heating systems? Click here to contact a Solar Energy USA Energy Consultant who will be happy to answer your questions on utility rebates along with cost and savings of home solar panel systems.