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Video: Home Solar Panel lnstallation (Drone View) Covington, Georgia

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 05/23/2013

This home solar energy system uses 25 solar panels designed in 2 separate arrays. Positioned with room for system expansion…


You Could Have Saved $1,200 Dollars Over The Last 6 Months With Solar

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 05/20/2013

How much can you save with a solar panel installation? The Browns saved over $1,200 dollars in the past 6 months after their rooftop solar…


Speaking Green with Solar Energy USA President Perry Bell

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 05/17/2013

Perry Bell is President of Solar Energy USA. His previous career saw him as co-President of one of the nation’s largest…


How Solar Works – Solar Panels and Power

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 05/14/2013

How does solar power work? The short answer is MAGIC! Every day, sunlight hits your roof in the form of photons (particles of sunlight)…


It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane, it’s a Solar Powered Plane!

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 05/08/2013

The team at Solar Impulse is taking solar power to a whole new level. A deep-blue array of 12,000 silicon solar cells stretches across the plane’s…