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Speaking Green with Solar Energy USA President Perry Bell

Posted on Friday, May 17th, 2013 at 11:10 am by Solar Energy USA

solar-energy-usa-president-perry-bellPerry Bell is President of Solar Energy USA. His previous career saw him as co-President of one of the nation’s largest replacement window companies. Recognizing an opportunity in home energy efficiency and savings via the popular ENERGY STAR window offering, Mr. Bell made a transition and started an energy focused company.

Now, as the head of two energy related companies, Mr. Bell is taking the experiences learned in the home improvement world and radically changing the way home and business owners look at paying for power. Solar Energy USA, his first renewable energy venture, is a national provider of Affordable Solar Solutions and the largest residential solar company in Georgia.

Net Zero USA, the most recent undertaking, exists to help others understand how energy reduction and energy production can have dramatic effects on a power bill. The term “net zero” refers to a home or building that has zero net energy consumption, or produces 100% of its own energy needs, and Net Zero USA is showing the world how great it is to be energy independent.

Recently Perry was interviewed by Beth Bond of Southeast Green as part of the Blog Talk Radio series. Follow the link to listen to the full recording at the bottom of this article.

southeast-green-logo-interview-with-solar-energy-usa-president-perry-bellBelow are some highlights of topics discussed on the show:

  • Power rate and incentive differences by state and geographic area
  • Goals of Solar Energy USA & how that fits into the global energy challenges of the future
  • Different approaches taken with residential and commercial customers
  • Net zero trends and net zero homes
  • Short-term hurtles companies have with energy
  • How solar can support EVs to be a fuel source for the future
  • How solar costs compare to power costs
  • Solar energy evolution over the next 5- 10 years

Click here to listen to the full interview.