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Case Study – Polo Country Club Home Solar Panel Installation SAVES

Posted on Monday, June 3rd, 2013 at 8:42 pm by Solar Energy USA

solar-energy-usa-polo-golf-club-solar-installProject Summary

Vince H. and his wife Lilo live in their retirement home in the Polo Golf & Country Club in Cumming, Georgia. The couple became interested in solar when on a trip to Germany after seeing solar panels installed all over the country. After researching the cost of solar technology upon returning from overseas and recognizing that costs had been steadily declining, Vince reached out to Solar Energy USA to set up an appointment to learn about powering his home with a solar energy system.


Vince and Lilo live in a home that spans 8,100+ square feet over two levels of heated and cooled living space. The couple had an initial concern about the cost to power such a large structure, and also had concerns about installing a system that would preserve the elegant look of their home and their community. An additional challenged was presented once Vince realized the HOA covenants of his neighborhood had no bylaws allowing or prohibiting the installation of solar panels.


A knowledgeable Solar Energy USA energy consultant was able to professionally advise a solar panel system that would address all of the above challenges. We educated the HOA board members about solar technology, answering questions about steps involved with installation, appearance of panels, and system care and maintenance over time. We were glad to show them how solar adds value to both a home and a community, as well as help them rewrite their bylaws to allow solar to be installed in an elegant fashion. A 30 panel array using black framed solar panels and skirting was designed to be installed to maximize the south-facing roof space above the garage area of the home.


The 7.05kW PV array was installed in mid-July of 2011. One year after their solar installation Vince and his wife saw their average power bill decrease by approximately 55%.  In April of 2013 their bill was 72% lower than April of 2011 thanks to their rooftop solar panels! On top of monthly energy savings the Cumming, GA homeowners were able to take advantage of state and federal tax credits covering 65% of total cost, as well as a utility rebate from local power provider Sawnee EMC covering an additional $2,100 dollars. polo-country-club-solar-home-cumming-georgia.jpg

Home Solar Panel Installation Specifics

30 235W Sharp Solar Panels

Panel Skirting

Enphase M215 Microinverters




June 2010-2011 Power Bills

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Above (click to expand): This graph is used to show power usage before the solar panel installation. Note the highest bill of 3,057 kWh was in August 2010 and the lowest bill of 1,576 kWh was in May 2011. Also note the increase from July to August.

June 2011-2012 Power Bills


Above (click to expand): Solar panels were installed mid-July 2011. Note the decrease from July to August. The new highest bill of 2,309 kWh was in July while the lowest bill of 594 kWh was in November (compared to 1,853 kWh in November 2010, a 68% reduction). One year after the solar installation the average power bill decreased by approximately 55%.

April 2010-2011 Power Bills

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Above (click to expand): Power bills from April 2010 to April 2011 before any solar was installed. Note 2,120 kWh were used April 2010.

April 2012-2013 Power Bills

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Click to expand: Nearly 2 years since their solar panels were installed these homeowners have been happy to realize dramatically lower power bills (and savings). The graph above shows power bill data from April 2012 to April 2013. Note that just 597 kWh were used in April 2013 compared to a whopping 2,120 kWh used in April 2010 before any solar was installed. This represents a 72% savings figure!

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