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Solar Energy USA Crosses 1 GW Solar Output Mark

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 07/25/2013

Solar Energy USA today announced the achievement of producing over 1 gigawatt worth of solar power from their grid-tied Enphase microinverter-based systems…


Powering Up The Savings With Solar Powered Electric Vehicles

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 07/23/2013

Americans bought 40,000 new electric vehicles in the first six months of 2013, more than twice the number during the same period in 2012…


Solar In Your Community – Kennesaw Mnt. National Battlefield Park

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 07/19/2013

Did you know the Kennesaw Mountain Visitor’s Center is powered by solar panels? 288 solar panels were installed in 2009…


The Shifting Energy Landscape in America

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 07/15/2013

Atlanta Business Radio hosts recently interviewed Perry Bell, President and CEO of Solar Energy USA. The interview discussed power creation, solar power and solar panels, EVs…


Why Today Was a Historic Day for Solar Energy in Georgia

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 07/11/2013

The handful of solar advocates rallying outside the state capitol Thursday morning set the stage for what would become a historic day for solar energy in Georgia…


Solar In Your Community – Important Georgia Power Ruling This Week

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 07/08/2013

The state of Georgia PSC will soon take a vote on GA Power’s IRP which solidifies providing electricity to Georgians over the next 20 years…


Celebrating Energy Independence in July

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 07/03/2013

At Solar Energy USA we think there is nothing more patriotic than generating clean, renewable solar energy. Using solar power decreases our reliance on foreign oil…