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The White House to Install Solar (Again)

Posted on Monday, August 19th, 2013 at 1:37 pm by Solar Energy USA


Solar energy is making a return to the White House. Various sources are confirming that a solar energy system installation has finally begun. In October of 2010 Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced that solar panels would be installed in spring 2011. The recent White House solar installation announcement is certainly exciting to the ever-increasing audience of solar energy enthusiasts, but it is not the first time a renewable energy technology will be added at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

June of 1979 saw 32 solar hot water panels installed on the White House by President Jimmy Carter. The solar thermal installation was a symbolic gesture of an American commitment to renewable energy and reducing dependence on foreign oil.


Though this solar thermal system would later be removed under the Reagan administration, solar would again be incorporated onto the White House in 2002 under the George W. Bush administration when 167 panels were added on a White House maintenance building.

Back in October of 2010 it was originally announced that the White House would add solar technology onto the roof of America’s most famous residence. The installations were to be part of a DOE demonstration project aimed at showing the world that American solar technologies were available, reliable and ready for installation in homes across the country. According to the press release, “The PV system will convert sunlight directly to electricity. The solar hot water heater will have a solar collector facing the sun that will heat water for use in the White House residence. The Department of Energy will now begin a competitive procurement process to select the company responsible for the installations.”

According to online news sources the Obama administration is installing American made PV solar panels in a publicly visible area as a part of an energy retrofit that will improve the overall energy efficiency of the building.

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