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CASE STUDY – T5 Lighting Retrofit Provides Park Place Better Light, Financial Savings

Posted on Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013 at 3:59 pm by Solar Energy USA

t5-lighting-retrofit-case-study-park-place_logo-scPROJECT SUMMARY: Greenville, South Carolina mattress manufacturer Park Place Corporation needed an energy efficient lighting solution for their 170,000+ square foot warehouse. They were looking for a way to replace their high energy draw metal halides that were burning 400 watts every hour. They also wanted to improve a large number of T12 fluorescent light fixtures that were plagued by ballast burnouts.

Solar Energy USA provided a turnkey T5 lighting retrofit for the entire facility which resulted in better quality lighting and dramatic energy savings – approximately $17,533 dollars annually.

The project utilized a combination of 2-foot, 4-foot, and 8-foot T5 lighting adapters, T5 highbays, LED troffers and lamps, and fire/emergency light fixtures. Thanks to the lighting upgrade Park Place Corp. will reduce lighting energy consumption by over 52%, saving over 200,000 kWh each year.


The T5 lighting improvement included an 11.6 month payback period, and, of the $85,958 dollars worth of eligible incentives, over $13,000 dollars were awarded by local utility provider Duke Energy.


Energy Savings: 52%

Lamp Power: Reduced from 400W per metal halide to just 216W thank to T5 highbays and T5 adapters.

Annual kWh Saved: 201,756 kWh

Annual CO2 Saved: Over 139 metric tons

Simple Payback Period: 11.6 months after incentives

Total 5 Year Savings: $136,146.94 dollars

Eligible Incentives: $85,958.45 dollars

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