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The Rise of Electric Car Charging Stations

Posted on Monday, October 14th, 2013 at 6:21 pm by Solar Energy USA

Electric car charging stations are on the rise. We’ve seen them popping up more and more around Georgia (see our public charging station blog posts), and the national trend recently discussed in a Bloomberg Businessweek article spells out just how prevalent they’re really becoming. A company called Recargo has decided to document each and every electric vehicle (EV) charging station on a shared database, and the numbers are astounding:


As of May 2013 some 20,000+ EV charging stations were operational across the U.S.

This news, along with new data from Recargo’s PlugShare app, illustrates great trends to the growing number of plug-in car drivers – also increasing at a rapid pace – who are projected to total more than 170,000 by the end of 2013:


And while we view the advancing level of charging stations as proof that plug-in vehicles are here to stay (and to be powered by solar), the counter intuitive thing is that EV drivers tend not to need a public charge. Most drivers, even including those who drive internal combustion engines, travel about 25 minutes from home to work and then back home, maybe stopping in between to complete some errands. Even a Nissan Leaf, with its 80-mile range, is up to standard daily tasks on a single charge. Electric car owners generally recharge at their houses overnight, and that’s it.

So what does this news mean to a recent plug-in car driver or someone looking to purchase a new EV? The takeaway is that even if you don’t need to recharge during your weekly work commute, more and more stations are popping up, so don’t worry about the “range anxiety” that was previously reported when all-electric cars were first coming out.

Oh, and don’t forget that you can install a home solar panel system to power your home and plug-in car with free, unlimited sunlight and save yourself a ton of money!