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Solar In Your Community – Suniva Solar Panel Manufacturing

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 06/12/2013

Did you know there is a solar panel manufacturing plant in Norcross, Georgia? Suniva is one of the leading American solar panel manufacturers…


Alternative Fueled Vehicles Gaining Popularity in Georgia

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 06/05/2013

June 2013 marked the start of the second annual Alternative Fueled Vehicle Roadshow in Georgia. The AFV Roadshow Tour is a statewide…


Case Study – Polo Country Club Home Solar Panel Installation SAVES

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 06/03/2013

Some HOA covenants have no bylaws allowing or prohibiting the installation of solar panels as was the case with these homeowners…


You Could Have Saved $1,200 Dollars Over The Last 6 Months With Solar

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 05/20/2013

How much can you save with a solar panel installation? The Browns saved over $1,200 dollars in the past 6 months after their rooftop solar…


Speaking Green with Solar Energy USA President Perry Bell

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 05/17/2013

Perry Bell is President of Solar Energy USA. His previous career saw him as co-President of one of the nation’s largest…


It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane, it’s a Solar Powered Plane!

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 05/08/2013

The team at Solar Impulse is taking solar power to a whole new level. A deep-blue array of 12,000 silicon solar cells stretches across the plane’s…


How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 04/30/2013

If you are like most home owners considering purchasing a solar panel system for your home, your main question is likely related to how much solar energy costs…


Solar In Your Community – The University of Georgia

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 04/25/2013

The solar panels added to the College of Environment and Design’s roof generate approximately 30,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity…


Utility Spotlight: GreyStone EMC and Solar Power Rebates

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 04/19/2013

Most power companies offer rebates and incentives to help encourage a solar installation. GreyStone Power Corp….


Electric Vehicles Gaining Popularity as Solar Seen as Viable Fuel Source

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 04/18/2013

Depending on how much you currently pay for gas you could switch to a solar powered EV and save money each month! Click to learn how!