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Alternative Fueled Vehicles Gaining Popularity in Georgia

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 06/05/2013

June 2013 marked the start of the second annual Alternative Fueled Vehicle Roadshow in Georgia. The AFV Roadshow Tour is a statewide…


Electric Vehicles Gaining The Attention They Truly Deserve

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 11/01/2012

November started off with a bang in terms of electric vehicle (EV) records and awards…


Driving Cost Comparison: Electric Cars vs. Gasoline Cars

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 04/06/2012

As the cost of a gallon of gasoline approaches over $4 dollars, many Americans are looking for ways to save money…


GE Makes Big Play With Electric Vehicles

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 02/22/2012

Around a year ago the billion-dollar company General Electric placed an order for 12,000 Chevy Volts…


Solar Energy USA Electric Vehicle Diaries

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 12/20/2011

The Electric Vehicle Diaries is an ongoing series where Solar Energy USA employees review the new company Chevy Volt…


An Insightful Look Into The Past, Present, and Future of Electric Cars

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 12/12/2011

An exploration of the future of electric cars including a look back at the first all-electric vehicle produced by General Motors, the EV1.


Atlanta Solar Installers Display New Solar Technology

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 12/12/2011

Georgia based solar installers Solar Energy USA will host a public event on Tuesday, December 13th…


Powering Your Vehicle With Solar Energy

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 11/15/2011

Electric vehicles (EVs) like the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt are becoming more and more popular because they can be conveniently refueled with plug-in charging stations…


At G.E. Plant in Connecticut, Volts Plug In to the Sun

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 07/20/2011

The following article on electric cars and solar powered charging stations is borrowed from NYTimes: On Monday morning, no fewer [...]