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Think Solar is Out of Your Reach? Think Again.

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 09/11/2013

The average cost of a completed PV system dropped by 24 percent over the past year to $3.37/W. The average cost of a PV module has fallen…


Cost of Solar Panels and Solar ROI

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 08/12/2013

Most people recognize that the cost of a home solar panel system is a type of a financial investment much like a home kitchen remodel…


Warm Weather Brings Higher Bills, More Solar Interest

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 04/12/2013

As the weather warms up and power bills begin to rise more Americans are searching online for information on solar panels including cost and available incentives.


Proposed Amendment Would Extend 1603 Treasury Program, Encourage More Solar

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 03/08/2012

The 1603 Treasury Program has trickle-down effects that ultimately decrease the cost of solar…