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Utilities Offer Special Rates For Overnight Electric Vehicle Charging

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 09/16/2013

If you recently purchased a plug-in electric vehicle you should check with your power provider to see if a special EV rate plan is offered…


4 Reasons Your Next Vehicle Will Be Solar Powered

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 09/03/2013

It may sound far-fetched but there is a good chance the next vehicle you purchase will be powered by solar energy…


Solar Q & A With Georgia Public Service Commissioner Tim Echols

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 06/26/2013

Solar Energy USA had the privilege of engaging in a solar power question & answer session with Tim Echols, one of the five Georgia Public Service Commissioners…


Electric Vehicles and Solar Power

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 04/04/2013

There are many reasons to be excited about the growing popularity of plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) which run on electricity. A rooftop solar power system can enable you…


Why Plug-in Hybrids Will Pave the Way for 100% Electric Cars

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 02/12/2013

Look at any everyday technological advancement like computers – what was once large and expensive is now smaller, more affordable. The same will happen with electric car…


Auto Manufacturers Designing More Plug-in Vehicles

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 11/18/2012

Plug-in vehicles are beginning to make a presence in mainstream American culture…


Electric Vehicles Gaining The Attention They Truly Deserve

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 11/01/2012

November started off with a bang in terms of electric vehicle (EV) records and awards…


Summer Solstice Seminar 6.21.2012

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 06/04/2012

Solar Energy USA, Georgia’s largest residential solar provider, is proud to announce an exciting Summer Solstice Seminar at their corporate facility in Alpharetta…


Celebrate EARTH DAY At Solar Energy USA

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 04/05/2012

Celebrate Earth Day 2012 with your favorite Georgia solar company and other local businesses involved in the green realm..


Chevy To Debut All-Electric ‘Spark’ Car

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 03/26/2012

Chevy could soon be releasing a plug-in all-electric vehicle (EV) to compete with the Nissan Leaf..