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GA Power acknowledges solar as a more prominent power source

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 09/07/2011

Georgia Power, the largest power provider in the state of Georgia, began accepting bids today for it’s future solar power plant project. Because of this decreased cost of a solar…


GA Power To Upgrade Power Plants, Likely Raise Rates

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 08/05/2011

Power rates increased over 20% in 2010 and are already scheduled to increase an additional 20% in 2011 as a result of the high costs of building two new nuclear power plants. The plants being dubbed “Vogtle Units 3 and 4″…

Georgia regulator wants solar power expansion

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 06/08/2011

It’s great to see a local member of the PSC pushing for more clean energy options for GA residents! From [...]