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Apple’s Cloud To Be Powered By Sun

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 10/27/2011

Apple plans to install a huge solar panel farm across the street from it’s new data center in North Carolina…

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Solar Panel GRANT Program Ending

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 10/26/2011

A federal cash-grant program covering part of the cost of a new solar energy system purchase us set to expire at the end of 2011…


Solar Energy Systems and Batteries

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 10/14/2011

Many people mistakenly think that all solar energy systems require batteries to provide you with electricity…


Solar Energy USA Is Enphase Featured Solar Array

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 10/12/2011

Solar Energy USA, Georgia’s largest residential solar installer, was picked by Enphase Energy as a featured solar array. The system chosen was 168 solar panels in North Georgia…


Solar Energy – The Smart Choice

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 10/03/2011

Solar energy is an energy source that could employee multiple times more people than other sources of power, create personal independence and help create independence of foreign oil.


Solar Bill In The Works For Georgia Homeowners?

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 09/02/2011

More and more Georgia homeowners are looking into solar panels as a way to help them bring down their ever increasing power bills…