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Rising Power Bills Make Adding Solar To Your Home Smarter Than Ever

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 02/20/2012

Add solar panels to your home for as little as $150 dollars per month and take control of your rising power bills…

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Solar Panel GRANT Program Ending

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 10/26/2011

A federal cash-grant program covering part of the cost of a new solar energy system purchase us set to expire at the end of 2011…


Solar Energy – The Smart Choice

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 10/03/2011

Solar energy is an energy source that could employee multiple times more people than other sources of power, create personal independence and help create independence of foreign oil.


Solar Growth Jeopardized By Loss Of Tax Incentives

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 09/20/2011

Driven by both state and federal tax incentives, the solar industry gained twice as many jobs as it did two years ago..