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Auto Manufacturers Designing More Plug-in Vehicles

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 11/18/2012

Plug-in vehicles are beginning to make a presence in mainstream American culture…


EV Battery Manufacturer Announces More Affordable 300-Mile Battery Pack

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 03/01/2012

A California electric vehicle battery manufacturer is producing a 300-mile battery pack that will cost half as much as current EV battery technology…


Toyota To Introduce Updated RAV4 Plug-In Electric Vehicle

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 01/20/2012

Following the plug-in vehicle trend, Toyota recently announced an updated RAV4 EV model which will have a 100 mile range…


An Insightful Look Into The Past, Present, and Future of Electric Cars

Posted by Solar Energy USA on 12/12/2011

An exploration of the future of electric cars including a look back at the first all-electric vehicle produced by General Motors, the EV1.